Tuesday, February 26, 2013

California modernist Bentley Schaad up for auction

One of the most interesting California modernist painters working during the mid-century was Bentley Schaad. His work rarely comes up for auction - so I was surprised to see an interesting piece up for sale at Bonhams and Butterfields.
Bentley Schaad "Untitled "Forms" Oil on canvas 24" x 36"

Robert Bentley Schaad was born in Los Angeles, California in 1925.  As a student he went to the Art Center in Pasadena and also attended the Jepson Art Institute and Claremont College.  From his mentor Henry Lee McFee, Schaad learned the principles of painting including line, color, and form.  Schaad was a talented artist and his technical ability enabled him to teach for the majority of his career at Otis. He eventually becoming the Dean of Fine Arts at Otis, teaching many of Los Angeles's best contemporary artists.

Schaad wrote the influential book, The Realm of Contemporary Still Life Painting (New York: Reinhold Publishing, 1962), which served as an instructional text that demonstrates the techniques of line, form, and color theory.  Schaad was known as an aloof and private person but adored by his pupils as a master teacher. 

Schaad is considered a principal figure in the Los Angeles modernist art movement of the mid-century. From his early still life paintings to his geometric constructions, Schaad’s compositions were complex and always had a recognizable aesthetic sensibility. 

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