Saturday, February 28, 2015

Borrego Art Institute Plein Air Invitational

I was recently asked to serve as juror of the upcoming Borrego Art Institute's 2015 Plein Air Invitational. While the Borrego Art Institute is only two years old, it is already attracting visitors from all over the world. Sunset Magazine's March 2015 issue highlights the desert town as well as the 2015 Plein Air Invitational.

Every year, 15 artists are asked to visit Borrego Springs for an entire week of painting. Artist will paint outdoors all day long -- and present works at the end of each day. They will hang in the gallery of the Borrego Art Institute and later be for sale. The artists included in the competition are Santa Barbara artist Marcia Burtt as well as Simon Addyman , Josh Clare, Janice Druian, Stuart Fullerton, Paul Kratter, Patty McGeeney, Clark Mitchell, Rita Pacheco, Dot Renshaw, David Solomon, Stock Schlueter, Victor Schiro, Toni Williams, James Wisnowski.

As an art appraiser, I have never had the opportunity to serve as juror of an art competition. Specializing in American art with a focus on California Modernism, I am usually asked to examine midcentury paintings or very old artworks. It is an exciting proposition to look at painting that are not yet dry.

I will judge the artworks in the exhibition based on stylist merit, composition, and technical prowess. Borrego Spring landscapes are known for their extreme beauty and the artists should have plenty of inspiration -- and I have a feeling viewers shall be inspired as well.